Self-portrait 2004


After I leave on Tuesday morning, I will cease using this journal.*

The new journal I will be using is _likelife. Start adding it to your friends list now, but it'll be friends-only.

* Okay, I might keep using this journal for posting pictures, but I don't know yet. Or, I'll post pictures openly in _likelife and everything else will be friends-only.
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Last Day in Stockholm pictures

Here are three of the pictures from my stroll into the city today. It was the last time I took one of the weekly jaunts I love to do in Stockholm.

This is one of the many mannequins in the Christmas storefront displays at Åhléns City.

Snow queen

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I'm really going to miss Stockholm a lot. Its downtown has a charm that I've completely taken to, and it feels natural for me to be there. Alas, I can't afford to live there, and I can't take it with me.
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Encouraged by the feedback to last night's picture from Union Station, I decided to work on another picture, this time a 4-image panorama set I took back in the summer. After spending a good bit of time scanning it in and working on the joins (common points between the images, which helps the panorama tools application stitch the image together), I sat back while a test image was rendered. Normally my first test images are a bit dodgy, but this one takes the cake.

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Pelle and the Brain

Since I'm leaving in less than a week, I wanted to trim Pelle before I left so I could gaze into his beautiful brown eyes with ease. Today was the big day, and it's been a long one for us. I'm not quite finished yet, and he's not coöperating with me about his belly and paws.

But, his face and head are done. His hair was pretty long before I trimmed it, and I decided against trimming his head's hair, so that it could remain long, and maybe be tied up in a ponytail. For kicks, I combed it out and it poofed into a gigantic Afro. It looks great.

However, it's a big contrast with the rest of him, since he's a small dog. While out on our walk just now, I racked my brain wondering what he reminded me of.

And then it hit me. He looks just like The Brain. I have a picture or two for comparison, but the camera and my laptop aren't speaking to each other, so you'll have to take my word for it.
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    We're laughing with you, Pelle


Under Exposure is still down, so I can't post any pictures there. Here's one I've scanned in from this past summer. It's of Union Station in Washington, DC.

Self-portrait 2004

Just great

My websites (including Under Exposure) are all offline now, and it's my fault for once. I haven't had the money in my bank account to pay the tri-monthly hosting bill (all of $30) and since it's a week or two late, they shut me off for that.

It'll be at least a week or so until I'm able to do scrounge up the money to pay the bill and get the sites back online. I hope no one goes looking for anything in the interim.
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I see you

On the verge of flight

Here's a picture I took last summer when I was in Florida. I only got around to scanning it in tonight. I think it's either really good or really crappy, and I can't decide. However, Anna-Lena and Johanna both seem to like it, so here it is. I'm too lazy to create a new subdirectory on Under Exposure, so I'm posting it here.

By the way, does anyone use Skype?
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Pissed kid

Hey everybody!

It's Friday night, so if you want to come and party, one of my neighbors has a party that's in full-tilt now. Just take the green line out to Vällingby once you arrive in central Stockholm. Walk about seven minutes from the station and look for the P-A-R-T-Y. I'm sure they won't mind if you crash, it seems like half the city is already there.

How do I know? They just woke me up from my nap. And it stinks of cigarette smoke in here from the stairway.

1 AM addition: The party seemed to die out around midnight, but it will linger on thanks to the person who puked in the snow just outside the front door.
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