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Pelle and the Brain

Since I'm leaving in less than a week, I wanted to trim Pelle before I left so I could gaze into his beautiful brown eyes with ease. Today was the big day, and it's been a long one for us. I'm not quite finished yet, and he's not coöperating with me about his belly and paws.

But, his face and head are done. His hair was pretty long before I trimmed it, and I decided against trimming his head's hair, so that it could remain long, and maybe be tied up in a ponytail. For kicks, I combed it out and it poofed into a gigantic Afro. It looks great.

However, it's a big contrast with the rest of him, since he's a small dog. While out on our walk just now, I racked my brain wondering what he reminded me of.

And then it hit me. He looks just like The Brain. I have a picture or two for comparison, but the camera and my laptop aren't speaking to each other, so you'll have to take my word for it.

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